About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote tourism and Afrocentric Experience in the Rural areas.

Our Vision

To encourage Citizens who are in overseas to remember their roots and always return back home.

Core Values

At Cataf Hotel, we take pride in creating a fun and compassionite and Afrocentric envirorment for all of our guest.

Who we Are

CATAF Hotel is part of a lovingly restored places in Central part of Ghana. On entering this charming hotel in Gomoa, you will immediately sense its special intimate atmosphere that makes you feel like being in your own Phenomenal urban and Afrocentric experience home. Each detail has been passionately chosen and each room deserves a visit. This exclusive hotel in Gomoa Brofo is very close to the Mankesim, hosted in a gigantic Green Environment, where natives gather to buy local food and wine specialties. The staff of Cataf Hotel are always available to advise you on alternative or lesser known itineraries, therefore helping you find an undiscovered Cataf Hotel which remains unknown to mass tourism.

Our Report

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